the hammer, silence and the dance : rebooting the noise of life

15. Mai – 31. August 2020
SchallForm Gallery @rhiz

a sound art project by Peter Rantaša, presented by SchallForm Gallery, and “Kosmophon Ambient.”

the lockdown hit like a hammer

the bang was ringing silence

now life is dancing back

the boom it makes

a tune of victory

or sound pollution


the soundscape conducted by the virus is unique : busy cities were silenced : drowned-out voices sneaked back into sonic experience : once mutually exclusive sounds formed peaceful neighborhoods in auditory scenes :

now : the restart of social life resounds as a crescendo : aural history in a time-lapse : in fast forward : the everyday sounds of the Anthropocene : restore the acoustic patterns of power :

at this moment of the dance : let’s be mindful. : let us hope we learned : we heard the message of the hammer : that this is the time for a new resonance among each other : with society : and with nature :

part 1 : listenig posts

part 2 : wiretap tapes

part 3 : polyphony

more information : when the time seems right
inquiries :


How to participate:

– Record three minutes of sound. Repeatedly. At different times of the day, or various locations. Whatever you find significant.

– Or send a recording you have made already. Can also be a sound file from a video you took

– Every technical format is welcome: mobile phone, professional field recording, stereo, ambisonics, binaural, etc. MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.

– Take one or two photos to illustrate the scene

– Note location (geotag, address, etc.) time, and date. If you do not have access to these details, give any information you like to share about the location of the sound

– Upload the sound file on “Wetransfer” or similar services

– Send an email to

– Include the information about the sound. Also, your name, if you like.

– Include a copyright statement, including author, Creative Commons license cc “Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)” and the statement that the provided sound is in line with all regulations regarding privacy (DSGVO/GDPR, moral rights, etc.)

– Repeat the procedure as often as you like


We set up a SoundCloud channel to make all the incoming material available.

We invite sound artists from all over the world to work with the recordings, create sonic artworks, sound art installations, and the likes.

We kindly ask you to share this call for submissions.

If possible an exhibition will be produced by


This is a no-budget project.

In cooperation with ORF/Ö1 Kunstradio